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QWERTY PR, an agency that specialises in words and creative content for local businesses.

With over 20 years experience in the global hospitality and travel industries, QWERTY PR boasts an inspirational team from across the world that embraces a myriad of word-based projects encouraging visitors to hotels and footfall to tourism activities (amongst other things).

The QWERTY PR team has a way with words and offers a unique professional perspective to writing. They encompass everything that is word-related and through creative brainstorming; content becomes an exciting new future.

Projects range from simple things such as go-to tools for essential writing, social media plans that enhance given images, press alerts and releases, content for websites, collaterals, newsletters, and advertising materials.  The well-oiled cogs behind the scenes is a diverse team of graphic and web designers, public relations agencies, photographers and translators.

[what on earth]

QWERTY has a vibrant history.

The earliest typewriters were all shapes and sizes and which suffered from an inherent problem, sticking keys.  In 1873, editor, writer and politician Christopher Lathan Sholes created the original QWERTY keyboard (notice the first six keys on the keyboard!) so that the most commonly used keys no longer became entangled.

E Remington & Sons, manufacturers of weapons during the Civil War soon realised that their arms were no longer required; they ventured into typewriters.  Production of the first Remington typewriter with the QWERTY keyboard was in 1874 in collaboration with Sholes.

It seems that although the creation of alternative keyboard designs appeared over the years, QWERTY is here to stay.

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A group of letters that form a word. 2. A collection of words that form a sentence. 3. A unit of language, consisting of one or more spoken sounds of their written representation, that function as a carrier of meaning. 4. Speech or talk; to express one’s emotion in words.

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social media plans and content




website creation


press releases




playing with words


award application content


full public relations strategies








graphic design




advertising materials





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​Please contact QWERTY to discuss your projects in full by emailing pen@qwertypr.com
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